Cocoon System AG was honored with an innovation price and is the first lightweight steel construction company with a European technical approval.

The Cocoon System is characterized by its lightness and non-combustibility: there is almost limitless possibilities.

The Cocoon System is composed of few components and profiles, without differing much from the classical dry construction. This allows expanding competencies as well as development of new markets for dry construction companies. For architects and planners, it means individual solutions for bearing requests.

20 years of experience and cooperation with Knauf Group

  • Complete system with Knauf plates and insulation material
  • Tested structures (fire and sound resistance)
  • On-site installation or prefabrication of elements and room module


Cocoon System AG

St. Johanns-Vorstadt 80
CH-4056 Basel

Telefon +41 61 260 11 60
Fax +41 61 260 11 63