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Conversion and Extension of a Residential Building

Built in the 1960’s, the one-floor residential building was renovated in 2017. The villa was extended and thermally redeveloped, including all technical building installations. In addition, the existing massive construction has been partly retrofitted with lightweight steel framing until the foundation.

The final product includes a completely new flat built on the additional storey ceiling made of 300 m² trapezoidal sheet and concrete. The extension is consisting of a carrying Knauf Cocoon lightweight steel framing construction, placed on it is the roof-made of wood.

The interior is fitted with double cladded and insulated single or double stud walls. As an active suspended ceiling, Thermoboard ensures an optimal indoor climate. Thanks to its special gypsum core with high thermal conductivity, it provides superior performance for heating and cooling when compared to the standard cladding materials.

Documentation: Villa CH in German

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