Profiles and Accessories

The Cocoon System is characterized by simplicity: basic construction systems build C- and U- lightweight steel studs. Those studs are being connected to a frame, isolated and planked on-site or during the prefabrication.

For the ceiling, C- Profiles are clinched to DT- Profiles. If needed, they are connected with pre-drilled angles and screwed with self-tapping screws.

For direct planking of the lightweight construction profiles, suitable screws with bits are used. Alternatively, the fixing of the panels materials on the Cocoon Transformer profiles can be performed with ballistic nails.

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The structures of the Cocoon System follow the same pattern. The carrying construction is made out of a layer structure. The cold-formed C- and U- Profiles build the core of the structure.

The insulation depends on the required fire, sound and thermal protection. The screwed or nailed planking serve as a stabilization of the profiles and the building bracing.

Other layers are chosen regarding the requirements of the construction.

In this way, construction of internal walls, external walls, internal dividing, storey ceiling, roofs, long span roof (e.g. for acoustic measures) or others special buildings can be defined and optimized.

Example Cross-Section of a ceiling

The drawing represents an example of a structure for a basement ceiling.

  1. Planking
  2. Resilient channel
  3. Thermal and sound insulation
  4. Load distribution plate
  5. Self-tapping screws
  6. Screwing of the planking
  7. Impact sound insulation
  8. Dry screed

Find more examples of structures in the detail catalogue.

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