Cocoon – Takes the weight off your project

Our credo, “Cocoon – Takes the weight off your project”, is based on over 75 years of construction expertise. It is a challenge as well as a credo, motivating us to maximum performance in projects all over the world.

Since we are in constant dialog with property owners, developers and architects, we are well aware of their desire for more flexibility, individuality and a more systematic approach whether they are building visionary and extraordinary projects or carrying out more ordinary construction work.

There has been a major shift in the forces that affect the way structures are used: it may be necessary to change the floor plan of a building or even its overall use after just a few years. In this context, heavyweight construction methods no longer necessarily represent the best option. Lightweight construction is becoming ever more important and offers many advantages in terms of sustainable construction.

We are firmly committed to establishing and advancing lightweight construction methods and we work with leading institutes engaged in research and development to achieve those ends: turning our vision into reality and increasing the number of structures built with lightweight construction methods.

We strive to ensure that our well-proven high-performance construction systems are the most lightweight products on the market while doing everything we can to ease the load on our partners during their construction projects. We support them by lending our expertise in the form of competent consulting and detailed planning, from developing the initial concept, through to prototype construction, all the way through to reliable project management.

We have always been ready to break new ground. We continually enhance and modify Cocoon Systems, already the recipients of a prize for innovation, to meet the needs of the future. For us, ISO certification is never in question. Our partners for system distribution and surface finishes are fully integrated into our development processes.

Our aim: to take the weight off, for everyone involved in your project.

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