Exterior walls for a youth- and sport-center in Bellinzona

The new youth- and sport center in Bellinzona owns amongst other different class- and playrooms, offices and sleeping rooms. The building is used for partly internals, partly public activities of the Swiss youth and sport association. The ground floor is kept open, with large rooms directly at the external wall. The first floor is divided through dry construction walls in modular, small rooms.

The involved architects decided to choose dry construction already in the tendering phase. The fast realization as well as the various possibilities of adaptation were the main reason. Therefore, for the buildings whole lifespan the sustainability planning is guaranteed.

The exterior walls were created with lightweight steel framing. Cut to size and labelled, the lightweight steel framed profiles were assembled on the spot, on steel brackets with thermal cuts.

The thermal values, according to Minergie-Standart, were reached threw the outside wall’s total thickness of approx. 310 mm. Including the ventilated facade from Knauf Aquapanel outdoor plates and polycarbonate panels. Considerable glazings ensure a natural lightening in the inside of the building. The colored polycarbonate panels give to the sport center a fresh and youthful design.

Photos: Knauf AG



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